Monday, November 16, 2009

Love ke side effects!!!

We all have tried once falling in love in our lifetime. It is such a wonderful experience. At least, I can say you become or try to become a good person. You try to bring changes in yourself so as to make your beloved happy. When the person whom you love comes in front of you, jolt flows down your body. The body responds differently. A slight shiver, little goose bumps... You feel different and out of the world.

Falling in love is certainly magic. The world seems to lighten up all of a sudden. Life seems wonderful and you want to live it to the fullest. You want to be with the person always and find ways to do so. One can’t help smiling all day when our heart is full of love. The wait for the next meeting becomes too tough for you. However, when we let love into our life, we also have to accept the consequences.

These consequences can be called as “Love ke side effects”. “LOVE”...This four lettered word can cause havoc in our life and this is what I am going to talk about. Heart break, loneliness, depression, suicides etc are the things which we see in our day to day life. But I will talk about lesser serious side effects which actually many people suffer from. These side effects mostly the boys have. Again, I don’t want to go into the girls as it is very tough to understand them.

The first side effect of love is that you have to cry and cry a lot. When you have lost your love or you are a victim of a break up, you have to cry. An emotional song, a happy couple, and a love scene – anything can make you cry. Some people are there who can’t even cry. "Masculinity" then doesn't let them do so. This mourning over your lost love increases 15 folds, when you see your girl with somebody else.

The second side effect of love is that you turn towards the next best thing. This can be the “spiritual drink - alcohol”. People try to find refugee in these things. The tendency to consume alcohol increases and the person tend to drink alone or with few of the good friends. The first side effect accompanies the second one. After 5th peg you realize the friend who is drinking with you is your best friend and you have done many wrong things to him. Suddenly, he becomes your brother and you cry and say sorry/thanks to him a thousand and nine times, God only knows the reason.

The third side effect of love is that the person becomes philosophical, great thinkers and writers. When you are with your girl and added that you are creative, you write poems, songs or shayaris in her praise. These songs are somewhat like ... “Khwab ho tum ya koi hakikat, kaun ho tum batlao...” or “tumko dekha to ek kahayal aaya...” or “Tumse mil ke, tumse mil ke, jaage hai armaa dil ke...”. Now, after break up these songs changes to “Jab dil hi toot gaya to ji ke kya kare...” or “Dil aisa kisi ne mera toda, barbadi ki taraf aisa moda...” or “Ghungroo ki tarah bajta hi raha hoon mein...”. And you must notice that all the love songs are sung by both boy and girl but almost all the sad songs are sung by boys only. So, these are the boys who get affected by break up of losing their love. “Train, bus aur ladki ke peeche kabhi nahi bhagna chahiye” or “Pyar wyar kuch nahi hota, sab moh maya hai”... These quotes are most assuredly written by a person who has lost his love.

The fourth side effect of love is that you become anti-feminist. Now, the girls are your enemy. You see your girl friend in every other girl. These continue to happen until you get a new one in your life. Then, again this whole cycle of “KWPW” i.e., KASAME –> WAADE –> PYAR –> WAFA starts.

The fifth side effect of love is that you lose interest in everything. Now, the flowers which you compared with your girl’s lips, suddenly starts looking ugly. You suddenly lose interest in the “chand tare” which at one moment of time promised to your girl that you will bring for her. You lose appetite and now you eat only to live. The issue is that you lose interest in only the food that is cooked at home or in the mess. You start eating a lot of pizzas and burgers and have dinners in some nice restaurants, but you never fail to say that you have lost interest in food. It is different case that you eat the most.

The last side effect of love is that you start writing blogs. You don’t have ideas so other people give you ideas; you do a lot of research on the internet and finally come up with some bullshit which in fact every duffer likes to read.

These are the side effects of love. Few people who are scared to try love till now are most assured that love is nothing but a crap. But, I must tell you that love is bliss. At least, everybody should try it once. As I have already said earlier so many times that – “Ladoo kha ke pechtana is much better than bina khaye pechtana.


  1. Hey you generalized the entire funda of 'love'. Not everyone falling in love cry or have an emotional breakdown. This is just one side view that you are presenting in this blog. For many people love is to cherish even if it happens for a moment. Love is about the 'click' not about alcohol, sad music, kasme vaade and all

  2. The topic of this post is "Love ke side effects". Love is like medicine. It also has side effect but some people suffer from it. This post is talking about those people. No generalization of love in this post.. hope u r satisfied now...